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    Bring things to life through voice
    Streamlined voice recognition for every device
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    Quantimetrica creates voice triggered
    LEGO Mindstorms robot
    Quantimetrica is proud to present its latest addition
    to the fleet of solutions - a voice triggered LEGO
    Mindstorms robot.
    Please take a peek in our Gallery section

Some Applications


Small hardware platforms

Low power

Months of operation using small batteries.

Easily trainable

Personal devices can be trained to respond to specific words

Local Speech Processing

Affordable hardware

No internet connection required

Embeddable solutions

Portable code

Software licensing available

About Us

Quantimetrica is based in London, UK and with a footprint also in the US and Greece.
The company specialises in voice recognition software and hardware which enables voice control of a variety of devices such as toys, wearables, cameras, and home or office automation products in a cost efficient way and without requiring an Internet connection! Other applications cover surveillance, cyber-security and hands-free operation of security alarms or other equipment (e.g. emergency requests for help by immobilised crew). New applications emerge regularly as the markets become aware of Quantimetrica's unique combination of powerful features, simplicity of use, wide applicability, and ease of integration.










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