Quantimetrica's voice triggered solutions are easy to train, concentrate on voice functionality and are very cost effective. They have applications in all walks of life from assistive technologies to voice interfaces to industrial applications etc. They can be embedded in a television, laptop, an alarm system and all sorts of areas from healthcare, medical devices to robotics and logistics solutions. Anywhere where someone needs to instruct an actuator of sorts or to instruct very simple commands like boil water in a kettle. Embedding a Quantimetrica module into some of your existing systems might be a very easy way to integrate voice commands into your interfaces.

Stavros Messinis
Founder, The Cube Athens
Technology Startup Incubator
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No internet required,

Local speech processing with no internet connection required. Very small sized hardware. Software licensing available.

Low power

Can operate for months using small batteries.

Easily trainable

Personal devices (e.g. wearables) can detect specific words trained via a simple user interface.

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